Moon Atlas 3D v. 2.4 for Android

last updated: 2018.10.08


  • it's free
  • high resolution moon surface map
  • over 8000 craters
  • Lunar 100  objects with links to wikipedia
  • Lunar landing sites
  • current lunar phase display
  • Albedo mode to even light over the surface
  • Orbit and Telescope mode

How to use:

drag    Drag to rotate/pan view
pinch    Pinch to zoom
options    Options menu
search    Find craters


Moon Atlas 3d on Google Play

Change log:

v. 2.4.
  • refined interface
  • added new map based on NASA Lunar Chart (LPC-1)
  • more detailed photo map
  • fixed errors when displaying national characters in craters names
v. 2.0.
  • new, much simpler GUI
  • few times shorter start time
  • auto craters number increase/decrease according to zoom
v. 1.6.
  • big changes in Moon and description display quality
  • added Telescope mode to pan view instead of rotating
    the Moon

v. 1.5.
  • added lunar landing sites with links

v. 1.4.
  • double touch on labels from Lunar 100 list will open web
    browser with wiki description
  • added zoom buttons
v. 1.3.
  • improved application start speed
  • refinements in pinch zoom speed
  • small fixes

v. 1.2.

  • added lunar maria description
  • fix craters display in flipped mode
  • slower zoom speed
v. 1.1.
  • improved craters descriptions quality
  • rotate view speed now depend on image scale
  • added option to flip image horizontally

screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot  

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